Taberna La Carmencita - La segunda más antigua de Madrid
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Taberna La Carmencita, the second oldest tavern in Madrid, welcomes you once again. We’ve opened our doors to bring back the spirit of the traditional neighborhood eatery it was back in 1854. We want you to feel at home and make sure you always have something tasty to eat. We want you to enjoy breakfast with a cup of Café Angélica, fair-trade coffee purchased from countries in the South of Africa and South America, which we roast ourselves. Help us bring back delights from Madrid’s heritage such as vermouth, stuffed and deep fried mussels, negronis, contemporary lunches, high mountain-style casseroles, organic beef hamburger steaks served with an onion-and-herb sauce, and free-range eggs with perfectly round yolks that taste just like they did in the old days.
La Carmencita welcomes locals and outsiders alike with more than 75 traditional Spanish recipes such as slow-cooked organic beef shank chunks from the Cantabrian cooperative Siete Valles de Montaña. Join us for a late-night bite of monkfish fingers with spicy tomato sauce and aioli after your soirée or visit us mid-afternoon for croissants and coffee with organic milk from Madrid’s Guadarrama Mountains.


I live on number 16 calle de la Libertad. Through my French windows I’ve seen revolutions take place, neighbourhoods blossom, and I’ve read the poems of the Generation of ‘27. I’ve closed my large wooden doors to give refuge to freethinkers. In 2013 I recaptured the spirit of the traditional casa de comidas of yore that feeds the body and soul at any time of day. I’m the most traditional tavern in Madrid and the second oldest, and if there’s something I’ve learned in these 150 years it’s that there’s nothing that Madridians love more than drinking and dining under the moonlight. La Carmencita is the perfect place to write poetry, perhaps an ode to the onion or to tomatoes (lullabies are nothing new). I was the favourite watering hole of Pablo Neruda, Rafael Alberti, Vicente Aleixandre and Miguel Hernández, and I want to continue to serve poets, artists and writers. Here, you can be free.


How nice to have an authentic Spanish tavern where you can rest your feet and fill your belly; where the tables are made of real wood and not fibreboard; where the rabas are made with real calamari from Santander. Our croquetas are made from real cow’s milk, not powdered milk. Our lighting was created by a designer who makes his living by creating original designs, not by copying others.

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We’re bringing back Madrid’s traditional “hora del vermú”: that time before lunch when you’re feeling a little peckish and crave an aperitif, some tapas, and good conversation. Order a glass of vermouth at the very same bar that inspired Miguel Hernández’s book of poems El rayo que no cesa, snack on some fried calamari and try some Amontillado and Palo Cortado sherries, which will take you back to a time when Gran Vía was still covered in sand, not concrete.
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Conversations become lively when wine warms the soul. Sometimes you have to wander around infinite highways in search of the very beginning of a story—and especially the ending. We know it’s not an easy choice: our wine list is long and very good. Take a seat, this is going to take some time.
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Some days we feel like starting at the end. And then, returning to the beginning, just to be able to go back to the end. No, we’re not shooting flashback scenes for a short film, we’re talking about our homemade desserts
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People from Madrid are known as gatos—cats—, perhaps because they like to come out at night time. You can visit us late at night, after the theatre, or the premiere, or whenever you lose track of time. Celebrate your happiness with a great meal.

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